This is a bunch of Dojinshi. They don't belong to me and I didn't scan them. I collected them from a bunch of websites that are all listed on the link page. If one of these belongs to you please let me know and I will give you proper credit or remove it if you like. Most of these Dojinshi have small boy/boy scenes in them, though nothing extreme or graphic. You were warned of this kind of thing before you entered the Shrine so I will not be held responsible for your decisions. Hope you enjoy reading these great Dojinshi!

1.The Birth of Evangelion

Shinji: If I ever see you again…
I didn't want to see you again.
With these hands, that I...
Kaworu:Hey. So we meet again...

Kaworu: I thought that we would see each other again...
Kaworu: Will you come with me?

Shinji:Kaworu-kun! Kaworu-kun!
Thank God...your alive!
Ah-- Sorry!
Kaworu:That's ok...
Will you come with me?
Shinji: Eh...?
Kaworu: I don't want your soul...

Kaworu: I want your body.
I don't want my heart to be alone.
When your not with me...
I'm lonely.
Come with me.

Shinji: Where to?
Kaworu: Anywhere.
...shall we fly to the moon?
Misato: He shouldn't be alive in this form, true?
Shinji: Mi...Misato-san!
Misato: He is something that has already God, he's someTHING!
It's no use Shinji!
He's an Angel!

Misato:I won't give you Shinji!
Shinji: Kaworu-kun?!

Shinji: Wait--
Misato: Ugh-
Shinji: Hey. Misato-san, what are you doing?
Misato: 'What'? I'm going back to Headquarters to-
Shinji:I have already driven it back...

Shinji: I don't want to kill anyone!
I don't want to fight! Really I don't!
Misato:You are the only one who can do it!
Why?! Why me?!
Misato:If I knew that then no one--
Then no one would need you children.
Shinji:Even if I knew the reason...
I can't do it anymore.
Misato:You don't need a reason.

Shinji: Fine, I'll just kill him!
Misato:Yeah, you do that, ok?
Shinji: Misato-san. You are exactly like my father.
We people are...

...things, made by God. replace this form...
...things, made by God...
things, that never should have happened...

Shinji:How much longer do I have to stay here?
You don't need me anymore, right?
Misato:What are you going to do when you leave?
Live with your Father and...
Ayanami Rei?
Shinji: I will go back to my uncles house.
Misato: What do you mean?
I'm shocked.

Misato: Ikari... do you mean to say that you have come this far, without changing a bit?
Are you that afraid of your Father?
Shinji: You didn't understand.
It doesn't matter.
I have already decided.
There is no more reason for me to stay here.
Because of my Father...
Misato: Please go home.
Shinji: My decision is final.

Misato: There is a reason.
Magi shows that there is still an Angel out there.
Shinji: That...
I knew it...
That Kaworu-kun isn't dead...

Why did you kill him?
Why did you destroy him?
Why di you annihilate him?

Shinji: I didn't really want to kill him.
I didn't have any other choice, did I?
Why did you iliminate him?
Shinji: Because he was an Angel?
I had no choice.
Whatever I do, it's right, isn't it?

Shinji:An Angel...
Kaworu:Made by God...
Servant of God...
Whatever you humans call it, it's the same thing.

Shinji: Kaworu-kun?

Kaworu: There is no reason for you to cry...
We were born to do this...
Let yourself fall.
Do not fight it...

Kaworu: Don't close your eyes...
...or your legs.
I love you-

Kaworu: I love you-
Say it...
Kaworu: What?
Shinji: Only one more time...that you-

2.Chosen Children

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