To me..
The Weeping Willow has such a peaceful look and feel to it..
The way the branches and leaves just seem to flow to the ground..
I just love it. This is how we got our name..

Whispering Willow Acres ~*~

Some people say if you listen closely enough..
You can hear the Willow WHISPER in the wind.

"The weeping willow tree is not only unique in it's appearance,
but it is unique in it's meaning as well.
The weeping willow is probably the most symbolic of all trees in the world.
The willow is usually looked upon with a vision of sadness and grief,
but sitting under the willow can be seen as protection and comfort.

The weeping willow is seen as peaceful and serene by some. <me...hehe>
The willow has a sense of grace and beauty about it.
This tree is nature's own ballerina.
As the wind blows through the leaves it dances and twirls with the most delicate of motions.

This tree has a sense of courage to it.
It allows the whole world to see it's inner most feelings.
The weeping willow is symbolic in so many ways.
Because of this, it can find it's place in anyone's heart to mean something special to them."
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*The Weeping Willow is said to have a wise spirit.
*This is the tree on which luckless maidens
are presumed to have hung their hearts.
In order to catch the tears of the Weeping Willow,
*A Willow tree branch buried with an Indian
was done so to symbolize the soul of the deceased.
Because the willow tree symbolizes long life and immortality.
The Weeping Willow..
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