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Bo the Border Collie Says,
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I like my Mum's web sites. You'll like them too!

Hello! My name is Bo.  I'm a border collie. My Mum builds web sites. She built this site to show off cute pictures of ME. 

BREAKING NEWS! Mum has moved my web site to  Click on the link to go there and see new pictures and stories. Or browse through this site to see all your old favorites. 

Each site is custom and unique.


Please follow me on a quick tour of my web site. First, we'll look at my slide show. You'll see pictures of me, and some of my family here at Whispering Hope Ranch in California.  Then, we'll talk about border collies and my favorite BC sites, including some very special people. Next, I'll talk about Mum's business just for a minute as I tell you a little about web sites and my favorite designers. To close the tour, I'll share some border collie bedtime stories and recipes. Then I will ask you to sign my guestbook. If you're ready, click on "Next" below. 

(By the way, my Mum does a lot of web design work for miniature horse ranches. So if you want to see some cute mini horse pictures, you'll have a chance!)






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