Whispering Sakura

Whispering Sakura

Whispering Sakura is an X/1999 shrine in the making. It is a spawn site from DeathDealers. If you would like to affiliate or basically contact the manager, please e-mail her at spidey_freak_13@hotmail.com.
Needless to say, this site condones yaoi.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the layout!! And the comments are of course written by me so no plagarising...

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Currently I have no affiliates but if you would like to affiliate to me, you can just e-mail me at spidey_freak_13@hotmail.com under the topic "affiliation" and we'll be in business!

*Some links on this page will bring you to a site called DeathDealers_Fenix. In case you're wondering, this is because my good friend with a geocities account said she would give me gallery support by letting me link to her pages.*

There's a couple more links here to fanfiction archives and stuff, just the usual boring stuff... I might put a couple of quizzes up in due time... we'll see...