Welcome! Skins come in all three skin tones unless otherwise stated.
News: June 4
You will never believe where I am! Mexico!!! Aaaaaa so much fun! My boyfriend came over and whisked me away... as much as one can whisk in his jalopy. But none the less. So that's the reason for the delay ;) Expect more clothes when I return!

News: May 22
Sorry for the lack of new clothing in the last while, I've been super busy with essays and what not. I do however have a little sneak peek over at the side to what's coming ;).

News: May 19
No new skins. Added a link page and our first affiliate. Great site, check it out some time!

Update: May 12
The rest of the premade clothing is now available in the women's section. Get yourselves ready for the fresh stuff.

Update: May 11

Come one come all to the grand opening of Whisper's Sim Boutique!
Two skins in the women's section with more ready and on their way.
Sonya volunteered to make me an EZboard so we have a chatting place, the link is over at the right.
Speaking of links, I'll put up a link page soon! If you'd like your page on in, post it on the message board.