Whispers of Romania

Whispers of Romania
Whispers of Romania

As you find your way through the forests ,luckily mind you as the Gangrel abound within the woods, you find a quaint old world romanian town by the name of Tirgoviste, situated below the immense castle, Castle Poenari once held by Vlad Dracul, that houses those that control this little area of what we call paradise. Within the walls of the city the Masquerade is in effect so heed this Cainites if You come to do harm...but venture within the Castle and meets the Cities Prince...Ba'alat Blade Ishtad, Baali Prince. Her word is the highest law in this land, heed it well for She will accept nothing less as it is her home above all else. The Ba'alat is counciled by her Primogens and Cardinals as well as the Justicar, the Keeper of Elysium,the Sheriff, the Scourge, the Ambassador of Romania and their closest allies. All give her advice as to the goings on within the clans.

The castle itself sits at the top of 1850 steps which lead to and from the castle and the town, as the main gates for the town are at the foot of these steps.It is a immense castle with seperate wings for each bloodline that chooses to live within its walls as we wish all to be happy in their home. There are also various catacombs and underground passageways that seem to fill the ground beneath the castle. These passageways even lead into the town below as they were built there during Vlad Draculs time. The Castle is surrounded by a huge wall that circles the courtyard and gardens of the castle, and there are various parapets on this wall which were used to impale Vlads enemies during his reign. The castle is heavily guarded and yet visitors are welcome if they mean no harm or danger. The castle is well secured in that it has motion sensors and various other things so that if any that do not live within the castle walk in, then Blade and the head of security are notified of this. So do not think you can walk inside the Castle grounds without being noticed my friend.

Inside the castle walls the masquerade is not recognized as it is our home and the mortals that live within serve our needs so we need not hide from them nor do we wish to. Within the Castle each clan is represented by either a Primogen for the Camarilla or a Cardinal for the Sabbat and yes we live together peacefully, most likely one of the last places You will see this. There will be blooddolls and servants and mortals and such so if you wish to come in as such feel welcome.

Inside the Castle walls there will be no infighting nor breeding of discension as per the Princes, we are family regardless of Clan or Bloodline here

We have borrowed this site from a dear friend of ours until our own powers page is up...the link is below to the disciplines needed and used within this district.


Enter our member page and meet our Family so to speak, learn of each on the various clan pages and be sure to come visit


Read about our Blooddolls, our honored mortals that reside amongst us and are protected and loved.


Enter our Honored Guests page and learn of those that do not live here yet are welcomed as family within our walls.

Honored Guests

Should you wish to join our home please go to our message board and leave a character sheet under the appropriate clan but if that clan is not listed do so under the general catagory

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Below you will find pages to each of the bloodlines that live within this district, these pages will teach you the name of the Primogen/Cardinal for each bloodline and the various disciplines used standardly by them. To learn of the disciplines please simply scroll down the box and click on that page...

Ba'alat Blade Ishtad
Baali Prince of Romania

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