Whispy's Equestrian Ranch

Music playing is "Wipe Out".

Whispy in a field of dasies.

I am Whispy, welcome to my Equestrian Estates.
Come on in and have a look around, be sure and visit the kitchen
for some great tips and fantastic recipes.
Grab a drink and sit a spell, this is a nice place to visit, Really!

If you're trapped in someone's frames click HERE to break out!

Thank you for your visit. I am constantly renewing my site and the last update has been preformed on Aug 27, 2006. A new guest book has been added, and a link to the old guest book is here too.

You now have two Choices. You can visit a page with Java or one without Java. There is the same information on both pages, just a different presentation of the information. Make your selection below and enjoy. *S*

With Java (my favorite, but takes longer to load)

Without Java(this one is safer if you are not sure)

Welcome to my site. Your Visitor #
(Hummmmmmm...... Maybe you best check that on the next page.) *S*

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