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A modest resource for devotees of the humble pennywhistle, with a view toward teaching, especially children in missions settings or Vacation Bible School workshops.
Instruction, Sheet Music, and Tunes

Teaching resources - Instructional ideas, songs organized by difficulty & sound files

Hymns arranged for D whistle, with tablature (fingerings) & sound files
New Hymns 10/13/2008

Christmas Carols arranged for D whistle, with tablature & sound files
Time to start practicing for Christmas!
New Carol 12/24/2008

Folk, Traditional and Classical songs arranged for D whistle, with tablature & sound files
New tune 1/6/2009

Other Cultures' Music
I would love to arrange and post music on this page as a resource for


News, Views, and Miscellany

Whistle and Squeak
Local Shtuff.
Littleton/Englewood/Centennial, Colorado

Stories from the field.
Sharing ideas and providing inspiration for creative use of pennywhistles

Why pennywhistles are a good children's instrument

Whistle Tablature Font
My own whistle tablature font, with an accompanying key guide in pdf format (zip file)

Because it's good to share.

My visit to Mack Hoover's whistle shop. See Mack building a low E whistle!
Mack has also developed a way to build whistles with hand tools for missions settings
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