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Eric P. Marczak
Performer, Composer, Designer, Maker and Teacher

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This is a beginning like so many other sites. Still under construction, I hope those of like mind use and contribute to this resource. Please! use the guest book to help guide it on it's way. Thank You.

Welcome !  This website is my attempt to respond to the many requests for information.
A wish that my passion for history, art, music, and crafting becomes contagious.
To see the new in the old.
To hear the old in the new.
To bring these thing into the future.
A hope that these pages contribute to the understanding of an incredibly multi-faceted world.
This site will grow with your input, and I invite you to grow with it. To ask a question is a request to receive understanding. Seek out those who know. Propagate good feelings. Enjoy your precious life.

Eric Marczak

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