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For the Meeting on October 18th, we will be working on our athletes badge and safety in sports.


Upcoming Events:
Popcorn forms will be need to be returned next week (Oct 25). They have to be returned by to the group committee by Wednesday, October 31st, so don't wait to start selling (money needs to be collected with the order.)

Apple Day will be Saturday, October 27th. Please plan to attend, even for an hour, as this is the major fund raiser for the 15th Whitby Pack.
Badge Work Leaders
There are 6 star groupings, with 56 badges in total to be earned. Each year, we will focus on 2 star groups, and the badges that are part of those stars. For 2007/2008, 15th Whitby will be working on the Red and Purple Stars, and the badges in those groups.

For Cubs who were part of 15th Whitby last year and the year before, we worked on the Black and Tawney (last year), and Green and Blue the previous year... Next year, 15th Whitby will work on the Green and Blue again, and continue in the cycle each year to make sure each Cub works on all badges through their 3 years. 

Most Cubs have probably completed 1 or 2 badge requirements through school: please let the leaders know what was completed, how it was completed, and when it was completed. Badges can be completed at school, at home, or with the Pack: find out what the requirements are for each.

Scouting in general is always looking for leaders. 15th Whitby  Cubs is no exception. There is no special training required to be Cub leader, just a Police Check and a desire to have fun and pass on some of the special knowledge you might have. If you would like to be a leader, please let us know.

Being a Cub leader is a group effort: not all of the responsibility is put on the shoulders of one person, as each leader has something different they bring to the group. There is one main leader who oversees the group and is the main contact, but all leaders will host and present the different meetings. This allows the Cubs to learn a wide variety of skills, techniques, tricks, and crafts. It also means one specific leader is not required for every meeting and event.

Believe it or not... Leaders do have FUN too.