* Goodbye everyone... *
* TiMeLeSS ReFLecTioNz will be gone until further notice *

hi everyone...
i have decided to take down my site... forever? i'm not quite sure. Haven't been feeling well these dayz, and haven't been updating for quite a while. Nobody realli visitz this dump anyway...
Besidez, there are all these people out on the internet these dayz that go around stealing people'z stuff for their own pagez becoz they can't be bothered understanding the meaning of 'creativity' and 'originality' as well as 'respect'. it jus pissez me off to see someone getting credit for other people'z hard work.
goodbye everyone... and hope you have enjoyed my homepage... and i was realli flattered when i got emailz from people saying nice thingz about my site and that i have inspired them to make one... sweet^-^ thanx guyz. Well... if you want this page or a new one up again.. plz let me know.. here are some of my contactz...

email: lil_sammi@twinstarmail.com
ICQ#: 109784954
msn messenger: eveangel_samantha@hotmail.com

take care, peep!^-^
ja ne~!