White Chocolate's Sweet Realm

This site is graphic and java intensive so be patient and enjoy. Although each page may load and
seem purple the backgrounds are nearly all a light color, waiting for the entire page is loaded is my recommendation ......*S*
........ WC
Oh dear - no Java!!!! An Angel

Welcome to
"White Chocolate's"
realm of
"Sweet Things"


This unicorn will always take you

This unicorn will bring you back
to just inside the door

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This site has many large graphics,
please be patient for them to load
and enjoy, I use FIREFOX, (it doesn't show those ugly side panels)
*my choice*
you should have JAVA enabled.
Best Color is 24 bit,
best size is 640 by 480 pixels
. . . have fun, *s*

I have checked the links and disabled ones that don't work any more. 2007

Many thanks to my visitors.