Often couples face adversity in their relationships.  The aim of Interconnect is to enable couples to overcome these obstacles and to strengthen their bond.  

Specialised counselling is provided to couples with the aim of enhancing communication, clarifying expectations and conflict resolution.

There are a number of specific periods in a relationship when counselling is most practical: -

 Pre Marital  

Post Wedding

After Birth Of First Child

Severe Relationship Conflicts


The idea of Interconnect is to provide couples a safe and equal environment in which to discuss issues pertaining to their current and future relationship and to work through relevant exercises, which will give them the skills to maintain a healthy relationship.

The Interconnect workbook is designed to give you and your life partner assistance in exploring your individual personalities, examining your relationship and establishing hopes and goals for the future.

The Interconnect workbook is a unique combination of ideas and exercise that both couples can read through and work upon together it is designed to enlighten and provide tools for improving your life long relationship.

Interconnect can be used as pre-marriage education, or as a journey taken at any time during your relationship, regardless of your circumstances.  All you need is a dedicated partner and a commitment to work together to strengthen your relationship.

The workbook is designed to be completed in conjunction with a set of sessions with a facilitator. However, if you are unable to attend face to face sessions in Sydney, it can be arranged that a phone facilitation may take place or you may simply purchase the Interconnect book and work through it at your own pace as a couple, without professional facilitation.


If you have any further enquiries please contact us:

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