Joe White's Page
Joe White's Page
Hi, my name is Joe White.
This is my first time making a home page and so the purpose of this site is to post stuff that I like for other people to see and use.  Currently, one of my favorite programs is a Farsi text editor known as Farsi Pad.  Since I am the child of an Iranian American and a Anglo-American, I have always wanted to keep myself trained in the speaking and writing of Farsi, the Iranian language.  So, I found this free program (Programmed by Ramin Amirnovin) which does a great job at being easy to use while still letting me type farsi into my cards and etc. to my mom (who is Iranian).  Anyway, the program, and a couple of my add-ons are included here for now.  I will add other stuff (Like cool VRMLs and etc.) later.

A favorite picture of myself
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Name: Joe White