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I was lucky enough to meet Kasim at the Abbey Pub in Chicago on August 10, 2001 (that's where this photo was taken). There are several other web pages which have MUCH more information on Kasim and his career - see my favorite links below.  This started as a tribute page -
"The Chicago Stop on the Kasim Sulton Solo Acoustic Tour 2001, or How I Spent My Tax Rebate" - I hope you have enjoyed running down amnesia lane with me :-)
August 2002 UPDATE:

As if you couldn't tell - I never added pages here.  I moved to a new web site!  Click
here for pages with photos and stories covering the 4 dates I was able to attend on Kasim Sulton's Have Guitar, Will Travel tour. (The link above goes to KasimInfo's tour information page, run by the splendiferous Sue Williams.) 
Information is also available from Kasim's official web site, 

PS - those of you who found me by searching "Kasim Sultan" - you'll want to note the correct spelling is Sulton.  Don't feel bad, Kasim says it happens all the time!!  :-)
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My Favorite Links:
KasimInfo.com - in Kasim's words, the DEFINITIVE Kasim Sulton Website.  It's run by Sue Williams, a wonderful lady I met in Chicago.  I'm so in awe of her wonderful site...Sue lives in England, so we mostly communicate via email.
KasimSulton.com - Kasim's official web site, featuring a messageboard, free downloads, and much more.  Kasim even drops by to leave personal messages from time to time!
Sandi Daae's Kasim Site - Sandi is the first fellow Kasim fan I met in Chicago.  She's such a sweetie and her site is growing by leaps & bounds!  She also takes really great pictures at Kasim events and posts them almost instantly!!
Frank Ciapanna's Web Site - Featuring Frank's OUTSTANDING photography of Kasim and Meat Loaf!!
Kasim in Chicago
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The Abbey Pub Appearance -
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Kasim's "Todd-impression" at the end of IWHMAD... 
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