Why do people turn from me?,
When once I was loved and I ran free,
I dont feel ill I just feel sad,
For now I am caged as if I am bad,
My liberty's gone no longer to roam,
They say a plague has hit my home,
People whisper and scurry past me,
They point a finger and say ADV,
I once was cuddled when taken to shows,
Now where I will end up I do not know,
A door opens a stranger comes in,
She smiles at me sweetly and cuddles me in,
And tells my owner my new life will begin,
Why is this woman not afraid of me?
I am wearing the tag of ADV,
She places me gently in a traveling case,
All of the time with a smile on her face,
The journey is over we stop at a door,
She puts me down carefully on to a floor,
My eyes can't believe what is all around me,
Dancing ferrets is all I can see,
They dance and they chatter a happy hello,
This is a shelter where ADV ferrets all go,
My new mom's an angel she will take care of me,
For to her I am just a ferret not a thing with ADV,
My life will be shortened but love's all around ,
In the home of this special ferret angel I've found,
Others are waiting lost and unloved,
And some will end up at the bridge up above,
People must learn what this plague is in me,
For once I was as happy and as healthy as can be,
Where did it come from no one really knows,
Was it a vet's or a friend or a show?,
This plague must be ended not for me but the rest,
So do your ferret a favour and give it a test.

Crazy Lady