Once upon a time... I was surfing on the Internet because, frankly, I have no life.
One of my searches consisted of Christianity and the church. Basically,
I wanted to learn more about it. Not because I want to be a better Christian (I'm
not Christian at all) but because I wanted to learn more about hypocrisy in Christian
history. Funny thing is I ran into this one church called the "World Church of the Creator."
I must admit. They are not bad people at all. They don't hate African, Asian, or 
Hispanic people. They just think  they should all die. For those who didn't catch the
sarcasm: I don't like the W.C.O.T.C. or any other white supremacists.

The supposed "great" leader of this ignorant church is Matt Hale. These people are
morons. Why are they morons? Well, if you expect me to give out the usual "racism
is bad" answer, GUESS AGAIN!
No, I'm going in-depth on why I really hate him and all white supremacists. I'm going
to start off with their lame violin stories. "The white race is a dying breed." Yeah,
300,000,000 white people is a real dying breed. Wow, I can almost see the end of 
such a pure color. Oh! and get this, "all mud races should go back to their country!
If they are not our slaves, we don't need them taking up our American soil." Okay,
I like the last part of that line "...taking up our American soil." Am I the only one that
remembers the Mayans, Incas and Pueblos? I could have sworn we got a big reminder
during 1975 at the Siege of Wounded Knee when the A.I.M. (American Indian Movement)
told the world that whites were not here first.

Matt Hale and many others said, "It was our white race that brought progress to this
country." Okay, this one goes especially to all those southern white supremasists:
Those blacks you hate so much invented certain agricultural technologies such as
crop rotation. Oh, did I forget most of our computer technology was improved by
"insignificant Asians" such as the Chinese and Japanese? So for those cyber skinhead

I love the way these Neo-Nazis are always talking about how communism is just
another idea brought up by the "deceiving" Jews to "brainwash" every white man or
woman into believing that we should help the mud races who are the "poor scum
of the earth." To prove how ignorant these people are: Communism is based on
Socialism. Nazi is german for "National Socialist Party." So I guess Hitler was a Jew
after all. Silly me. Oh, by the way, about Hitler's famous book Mein Kampf, tell your
sad story to Mumia or Nelson Mandela.

The last part I just need to mention. The freedom of speech thing. It's their only
excuse for saying what they have to say. I don't condone that right.
S.G. Tallentyre once said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the 
death your right to say it." What I do condone is this victimizing thing they love
so much. For example, last decade, KKK wanted to take a march through this nice
little town of Cicero to show off their fifth amendment rights. Do I have to remind
you about the Hispanic and African-American population in this town? Tell me the
KKK is not trying to cause a riot so they can look like the victims, luckily, the rally
didn't happen.

I bet you are asking, "Why do you keep bringing up this Matt Hale guy?" Well,
I hate how he was elected as leader of the "World Church of the Creator". According
to their history, his predecessor, Ben Klassen, died. Yeah, I know, you guys almost
cared. Apparently, Matt Hale was kissing both of Ben's cheeks so much that he was
asked to be leader of the W.C.O.T.C. (at the time just C.O.T.C.). This kid was given
the highest rank (which is Pontifex Maximus or "highest priest") because he spouts 
out pro-white and anti-mud race bullshit!? No, Hale and all other stupid and ignorant
white supremacist leaders of the world, that is not an achievement but an idiocracy.
If that makes you a genius, then I could be the next George W. Bush: conservative
and dumb!

"Ignorance is preferable to error, and
he is less remote from the truth who 
believes nothing than he who believes
what is wrong."
-Thomas Jefferson

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