I have dark blond hair, blue eyes i can't be botherd to measure myself, i am not fat or skinny, im 14, im male and email me to ask anything els not on this web site.
My Kitten,  "Felix the cat"
My Dog, " Tessie the dog"
My Dog, "Monty the dog" (Still under constuction, has one photo on it though)
My Cat, "Scally-wag the cat"
I like to go to alot of parties and i like to be the dj of parties.
Ok, well there is my Dad  Robert, 40, my bro Terence, 18 and my mum Marianne, 38. My friends are Debbie, Darrell, Jesse, Krystal,, Luke.m, Tom, Josh, Tyler, Beth, Tammie, Mitchel, Ronel, Luke.d, Patric, Allison, Maddy, Rochell, Amanda, Leslie, Cristine, Mellisa, Coby, Lee, Trisha, Deanna, Damiond, Krystal.h, Reyce, Miles, Tahlia, Tristen, Ziggi, Sarah, Reannan and more...... There are also my Kitten and Dog Just click on the links for them to veiw pics. Last updated: 16/07/2002, I have still got to add my dog Spud, I will soon.
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