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About yami no Matsuei:

Yami no Matsuei (translated Descendants of Darkness) is a yaoi (male/male pairing) anime/manga created by Yohko Matsuishita. It contains elements of violence and supernatural references.

The characters:

Tsuzuki Asato: a purple eyed shinigami (angel of death) who investigates strange happenings in the human world. He loves sweets and is a real slacker, but he is also the most powerful of the shinigami.

Muraki Kazutaka: a homicidal maniac who is a doctor by day that is after Tsuzuki for...questionable reasons. Of course, he is dead sexy....

Kurosaki Hisoka: a young shinigami who is Tsuzuki's partner. Muraki was the cause of his death. He spends the majority of his time whining and angsting.

Tatsumi Seiichirou: a secretary in the offices of JuuOhCho (The Ministry of Hades) who used to be Tsuzuki's partner.

Watari Yutaka: a blond shinigami who works as a scientist in the land of the dead (Meifu). He has a pet owl named 003.
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