hello my name is Will i have made this site using a sega dreamcast i would like it known that i am not qualified to give information about disabilities but i hope you can find what you are looking for from my site
PLEASE NOTE i have only linked to these sites with permission from the site's webmaster & i am not responsible for the information on these sites if you need advice please contact your doctor i have yet to get more disability sites to link to it will take time but we will get there
as you can see i like the native american people their way of life their culture we could learn alot from them if only we open our hearts to listen to them for they are a great people

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My Doctors Surgery
this is all about my doctors surgery who supported me in my time of need & gave me the confidence to make this site


Disability friends
gary my friend & brother
this is about a very good friend & brother ive meet online he is a inspiration to us all ive have learned something from him about life thank you gary for being a good friend/brother


i will be updating this site as soon as possible as at the minute im unable to access the internet at the present time unless i go to internet cafe please call again & visit soon thank you for your time

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