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December 26, 2003

HI! IF YOU'RE STILL COMING TO THIS SITE THEN YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!! BECUASE I HAVE MOVED (yes I know this is a bit late lol): So change your bookmark!

June 18, 2002
Updated Christina's Boring Summer...

June 5, 2002
Hey all. Today I added about 20 seconds of classical guitar etude which I have been workign on in my music section. Check it out, let me know what you think.

June 3, 2002
Ahoy there. Not much interesting happening in my life, however I did add a Christina's Boring Summer section to my webpage today. I am working on the totally new site so this one may be down for a while unless I decide to change domains, which could feasibly happen. Other than that, check out my Art page which has always been up but I keep forgetting to link to....hopefully the new site will be up and running soon and it'll definitely be better than this one....

May 27, 2002
Hey. Been working in photoshop a lot lately. Check out some stuff I made over there at deviant art. Yeah. good stuff. the end.

May 21, 2002
Hey all. I won't be putting up the new page for a while (no time boys and girls), but check out my live journal for now. \tee hee. See y'all soon, hopefully with a new webpage layout.

April 20, 2002
Ahoy there! Today I've made a few changes to my site just to keep it so it doesn't die away totally and there is no point to you coming here. I have cleaned up this front page and added a "site news archive" which you can access by that little pulldown menu above. I updated my pictures section, where I added a whole bunch of pictures from this school year. In my music section, I had to delete the mp3s for Bowser's castle and Fare Thee Well because they are taking up too much of my rate limit on Geocities. Eventually I will probably put mp3s up on because it won't affect my site as much. I also fixed that annoying bad link in the drop down menu that I have been avoiding fixing since this webpage has been up. Other than that, I updated some buggy links and added a couple and I encourage everyone to listen to the new Our Lady Peace single mentioned in my last post (see below)! The new album is set for a June 18, 2002 relase according to and it's going to be a great one!

Here's a funny link to check out. My new site will probably feature one every week and I am planning on having people submit suggestions every week and picking one "winner" every week. So anyways, go there, it's interesting.

Oh, and Can't Lick Our Sausage!

See ya on tha flip side!

March 22, 2002
Hey all! It's been a while! This semester has been more busy than usual, but I promise there will be a bigger better webpage up before the end of it! In the meantime, ALL must check out the new Our Lady Peace single "Somewhere Out There"! The new album comes out on June 11,2002. "Somewhere Out There" full length audio
Windows Media Lo-Fi
Real Audio

January 17, 2001
Well well, children it has been a while! I have been working a little bit everynight on a new website I hope to put up soon. It'll have pretty much the same stuff that this one does, except more pictures and it will look a lot prettier. Also, it will completely use flash. It may be a bit before it is done, so here's something to keep you entertained while I'm not can also read my diary and stuff while you await!Pictures of Me. Yes they are very...self centered..but it's only because I've signed a deal with and stuff so I'm working on making me a little portfolio and this is just for kicks and giggles. Enjoy y'all and stuff!