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Scornful Reply from RLS

Note: The spelling and punctuation of the email Tom received from Roy Little Sun on July 12, 2000 has been corrected here, so that the translation service might work better.

Hi Squicking Loin!

Received your threat. If that's the Hopi way then go ahead. You are the Hopi expert. Maybe it is not true what was said "We know in part and we prophesy in part".

I am the only one who knows best what my heart is saying. Don't be so judgmental. What the Heavens and animals have confirmed to me is enough to know that my path is part of the Great Plan. Dan Kachongva's weaving stick has been entrusted to me, to have people's prayers of peace around the world be added to it. So what is this telling you?

In the Circle of Hearts
Roy Littlesun

p.s. I never applied for your "chicken school". So don't let me answer your exam questions. No time for it (can't be on the web for another week or so). Also, I NEVER said I represent the Hopi. Others may have. Get off my back and grow some corn.