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The Spread of the Lie

Littlesun's False Reputation

This page was once a lengthy listing of web pages on which Roy Littlesun is depicted as either a Hopi or their representative, with active links to those pages. It became impossible to keep the list current but there are some screen shots here with highlighting added to the relevant parts.

Also try these two links: Google search #1 and Google search #2. Your browser's Edit/Find feature is a useful means of locating where Roy is mentioned on a page.

The results show that many of those who have published information about Roy believe him to be a Hopi representative, spokesman, messenger, or even a Hopi elder, despite his own claim that he "never" said he represents the Hopi.

And Roy himself has been sending a pre-written email reply to those who question his veracity; that reply begins with:

"BE Hopi"
By Roy Littlesun, Hopi Messenger

A few of the original listings of this page are still shown below. These are pages which have either been removed from their original sites and reproduced on this one, or which originally appeared on this site but may no longer appear in search results.

This is a copied page, the original has disappeared.

Here's another one, copied from a now-defunct Yahoo Group.

Many references to Roy as "speaking on behalf of Grandfather Titus, Hopi" at a "Star Knowledge Conference"

Scanned image of a newspaper article which calls Roy a "Hopi Messenger"