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Hopi Impostor Roy SteevenszHopi Impostor Roy Steevensz

Littlesun : The Flip Side

Who Is Roy Little Sun?

Searching for background info on Roy Littlesun (or Little Sun) is a wise move. You need all the facts you can get before committing any resources to his various causes. Where did he come from? Can he be trusted? The testimony of the late Hazel Hatnenn, who lived and worked with Hopi off and on for twenty years, is a good place to start.

RLS claims he never said he represents the Hopi, so why is he touted as a "Hopi" peace emissary, messenger, elder, shaman, speaker, ambassador, etc.? Why did a 1999 television broadcast portray him as having been raised by the Hopi? The truth is, he never set foot in Hopiland until he was past age 50. Why was he promoting the spread of AIDS in Africa?

Littlesun: The Flip Side answers these questions. And many, many more. It will be available soon in e-book format. Add your email address below to be notified when it is released.

No matter what sparked your interest, you'll find "the rest of the story" highly informative and entertaining. The author writes from first-hand knowledge, having spent a great deal of time with RLS over a 16-year period, including the period during which he was in Hopiland and his evictions from the reservation.

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