64 Elm Street
Milton, Pennsylvania 17847
(570) 568-4727
This is Bullet, he is a 6 year old Rottweiler.
Bullet is the White Deer Search and Rescue Teams only functional search dog at this time, he has spent countless hours searching for people that needed his help.
Now More Then Ever BULLET needs YOUR help!
After contracting what we believed was a mysterious illness the doctors believe that Bullet has a Ruptured Cervical Disc. The doctors belive that Bullet is in good condition and can make a full recovery once this problem is surgically treated.
The cost of diagnosis and repair of this injury is expected to be in excess of $3000.00 dollars.
This is where you can help. White Deer Search and Rescue is a non profit, volunteer team that recieves no goverment funding and relies totally on donations, contributions and fundraising events.
All donations are tax deductable and greatly appreciated. For addition information of this you can contact.....
Kim Carr at (570) 412-0152
Sabrina Calhoun at (570) 412-0153
Mail Donations to:
c/o White Deer Search and Rescue
64 Elm St.
Milton, PA 17847