White Dove Custom Earring Designs and Crocheted Indian Dolls


images/eaglefthr2 .jpgHi welcome to White Dove Beadwork specializing in Custom Made Handcrafted Earrings and Crocheted Indian Dolls. I have been making and selling earrings for several years. Selling at fairs and word of mouth in Oregon and California. Recently I decided to put them on the internet and share them with you. I use glass beads, real stones (when possible), Silver or Gold French or kidney wires. All earrings are custom made to your specifications. You pick the colors and style and I will make the earrings for you. With you picking the colors and style this makes each pair  custom made to fit you. Our Indian Dolls are made of the finest quality yarn, beads, and feathers. They are all hand crocheted in the colors that you pick. Each one is designed in the way you want them. So enjoy your visit. 
I hope to hear from you with an order soon!

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White Dove
Custom Beaded Earring Design & Crocheted Indian Dolls
Phyllis Randall - Owner/Designer

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