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Welcome to my Website!
I go by many names...which will be revealed on a need to know basis...
You can expect stuff here to be varied, eventually, but i will try to make it as interesting for you, the user, as I can.
Ok. I don't really have much yet. I will. I promise! Things to read, to do, all sorts of stuff! Lemme just figure it out. In the meanwhile, here's some buddy icons I designed (many of them pixel by pixel!). Feel free to download them! Most of them are "inspired" by King's Quest, a Sierra game. YAY SIERRA!!!!!!
About me:
There are some who call me Critter. I'm putting my relevant name to the relevant part of the site here, so those who know me by other names won't get confused. Anyway, as you see here, I do some computer artwork, and play video games. I also do other artwork. I Role-Play (online and with the GURPS system). I am somewhat of a musician. And, above all else, I am a writer. You may not know it yet, but that's why you're here.
MY WRITING (not done)

Other Artwork of Mine


FANDOM (other things I like)

My Characters

Mananan, from KQIII*
The Dragon from the end of KQIII
Little Red Riding Hood, from KQII, methinks
My vision of Graham and Valanice's triumphant homecoming*
Yes, there's music. Yes, I wrote it. No, I won't make it go away.
Yay for Gwydion!*
King Graham himself!*
Site Under Construction. Sorry, but not everything's up yet...
Medusa from KQIII*
Dracula in the mind... from KQII*
* are ones I did (pixel by pixel, oh, the insanity!) and are strictly mine. The others are cropped from pics I found elsewhere, all straight from the games. I can't remember where I got them, though. sorry
Rosella from KQ IV*
Places I got stuff:
More Avatar type pics HERE!
Or, if you prefer animated...*
Comments? Praise? Insults? All of the above? Email me at ! Yay!
If this, my site, crashes your computer,it may be my fault but I'm taking no blame for it because it's probably not, I don't know about it, it's your fault for using my site (not that I don't want you to!), and I'm writing this disclaimer. Anyway, by Chaos Theory anything can happen. Shrug. If you have any questions about it....All I can say is 42. Furthermore, all copyrights and such remain property of their respective users (KQ to Sierra, the pixel drawings to myself, though they are inspired by Sierra, and so on...) Please respect all copyrights and such, or we will send Roger Wilco after you, like he did after the Pirates of Pestulon.