White Gangstaz

Updated 5/14/01

Yo we have been getting some hatah mail recently along with some words of respect. I just wanna say that da WGZ are here and we is takin da Wesssidde from all ya hatahs. We will be addin some more shit soon so keep on checkin back here.

Was up my wiggaz!! We da baddast most illest buncha gansta thugs in da universe. All those posaz out there like da Icy Hot Stuntaz and the Krill be Ballaz, it's time fo ya to step down. Cus the WGZ be in da hizouse biaaatch. We is taking da rap world by storm.

Yo, click on da links below to learn about are crazy phat crew!


C Bone Killa


Sleazy E

Dr. Play

Bong Thug

Chino XL

Shit da Icy Hot Stumpaz and da wack Krill Be Smallaz are going to feel our 9's if they try and approach us. They are nothin but a group of poserz dat prolly still learnin how to ryhme. We are da real shiznit. It's only a matta a time before we are hittin da top 10 charts. Sucka

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