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It's a mimic and it's been digesting your hand.

Hail, Adventurers!

Welcome to Rolled-a-One Roleplaying Resource outlet! That's right, it's an outlet. This means that the prices are lower (by lower we mean free), and the motives haven't been checked.

You've either wandered into this page because you seek only the most obscure in roleplaying goodness, or you happen to be a friend of a friend.

If the above is true, then speak 'friend' and enter! Did you know that in Elven 'Melon' is the literal translation with 'friend?' It makes perfect sense considering anybody bearing delicious fruit, in my books, is a friend to me.

This place is under construction, which should be evident by all those broken link images and page buttons that lead nowhere - but rest assured it will be accomplished. We must succeed!

Not-Right Mike, September 20, 2005 (11:59pm)



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A large city highlighted with great merchandise and clueless occupants.
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Even secrets hold truth behind the illnesses of many...
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