Bands, Music, and Concerts
This is the Jeff Greer Band's symbol.  The whiteguy's are groupies of their band.  We met them through our friend kelly whose cousin's wife is in the band.  She plays the violin.  They just recorded their new C.D. Friday the 29th.  I wish I could be there but I'm in Rhode Island with my family for Thanksgiving.
Click here to enter the Jeff Greer Band Site
This Is another band that the whiteboy's like to listen to. We just went to there last concert here.  Click on their logo for our pics.  Click on them to go to their website
The Jeff Grear Band People, click above for pics from some of their concerts
This is the lead singer from lifehouse, another band that I like to listen to.  Clck the pic for their website.  Thier next concert is friday the 6th  I want to go, but i have a swim meet. :(