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Darlene Murawski's Page
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Darlene started her Emergency Services career joining West Wyoming Valley Ambulance with her first training being Advanced First Aid and CPR in 1976, then obtaining her Emergency Medical Technician Certification in 1980.  Darlene was with West Wyoming Ambulance from 1976-1986.  In 1984 Darlene obtainted her certification as a Paramedic I and volunteered with Medic 1 of the Back Mountain area, and West Side Ambulance Medic 302.  Darlene worked for Life Ambulance from when to when Darlene? , until she was involved in an ambulance accident.  After the accident she remained unactive with EMS until 1995, when Darlene returned to Luzerne County Community college to recertify as a paramedic and began working for Wyoming Valley Health Care Systems for Medic 302 and Medic 1 and remained there until Decemeber 2000 when the hospital cut the Pre-Hospital Service.  Despite the loss of her full time job with WVHCS Darlene conitnued working with her part-time/PRN places of employment of Plains Medic 2, Geisinger Plains Medic 303, Hanover Medic 9, North East Paramedic Service Medic 12, 15 and 21, Spellman Medic 8, 18, and 19, and Hamilin Mobile 505.  In May of 2001 Darlene was hired as a full time Flight Medic with the newly established Geisinger Life Flight 3 Avoca Base where she remains flying high in the sky at this time.  Darlene also works PRN for the Geisinger Fixed Wing Flight Program and Geisinger Wyoming Valley Emergency Room as a Paramedic.  Darlene became a part of the elite Medic 22 Service in March 2002.

Advanced First Aid 1976
CPR since 1976
EMT since 1980
CPR Instructor since 1986
Paramedic I from 1984 to ????
Paramedic since 1996
Automatic External Defibrillator Certified
Automatic External Defibrillator-Instructor
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Neonatal Advanced Life Support
Basic Trauma Life Support-Advanced
Basic Trauma Life Support-Instructor
NFA R&I Haz-Mat Awarness Level
First Responder Haz-Mat Operations
Terrorism Awareness Level
Mass Casualty Incident Management
Basic Vehicle Rescue-48 hours
Essentials of Firefighting
Mass Casualty Incident Command for EMS
Pump I Operations
Life Flight Safety Program
Emergency Response
Emergency Response Instructor
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
Faculty Instructor for LCCC Paramedic Program
Neontal Resuscitation Provider