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Emergency Services such as fire, police, and ambulances may have trouble locating your home especially at night.  If Emergency Services are slowed down in reaching you and treating your emergency it can mean the difference between life and death.

THE EMERGENCY LOCATOR LIGHT does not require special wiring or complicated controls.  The device simply attaches to the bottom of any light bulb and screws into a standard light socket and is controlled by a standard light switch.  Your light will work as normal until you double-flip the switch which activates the light and causes it to blink.

If you should ever need any emergency service, simply tell the 911 Dispatcher that you will have a flashing light turned on.  IT WILL HELP US FIND YOU.

In our continued services to the community and to more effectively service the communities we serve, the White Haven Ambulance & Medic 22 is offering the EMERGENCY LOCATOR LIGHT to anyone interested for an $8.00 tax-deductable donation. (Plus $2.00 shipping if applicable)

Please help your local Emergency Services Units provide the quickest possible service to you.  You can call us at (570)443-9499, if you have any questions or you wish to obtain an EMERGENCY LOCATOR LIGHT.