Over 90% of the Paramedics at Medic 22 are trained at the minimum of Rope Rescue I.  Pictures below are from a training session held in June 2002.  Medic 22's coverage area consists of many acres of wooded areas, and other areas where rappelling would be necessary to gain immediate access to the patient not to delay treatment.  Medic 22 is equipped to do basic rappelling.  Instructors for the class were Dan Shaw, Joe Perugino, and assitant Chris August.
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Instructor Joe Pergino shows the group proper tecniques while rappelling on an incline.  White Haven personnel pictured above from left to right: (kneeling) Paramedic Leo Mirolli, (sitting) Ambulance Attendent Carol Pilecki, and standing Paramedic Paula Brodie.
Paramedic Paula Brodie on the rope begins her decent with Instructor Danny Shaw giving some last minute advise.  Belaying her line is White Haven EMT Greg Hartley.  Pictured at the bottom right is White Haven Attendent Carol Pilecki
Paramedic Leo Mirolli on his decent being belayed by a Scranton Police SWAT team member.
Pictured above and below show Ambulance Attendent Carol Pielecki and Paramedic Paula Brodie rappelling a step rock cliff.
Paramedic Leo Mirolli shows off his Johnny Gage rappelling techniques.