Charles and Heather Whitehead Open Adoption Dear Birthmother Adopt Letter

Dear Birthmother,

We are Charles and Heather Whitehead. We are excited in the anticipation of raising and showering a child with love and care! We can only imagine the difficult decision you are making by placing your child for adoption. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering
us as parents for your child.

We have been married for 9 years and have been best friends for 14 years. We share in making decisions, household duties and other responsibilities. We have a loving and stable marriage that we work on each day through open communication. We live in Angier, North Carolina, which is a bedroom community for the capital, Raleigh. Our horpe is located in a neighborhood that is very child oriented. We often see children riding their bicycles, playing basketball or jumping on trampolines.

Charles, Heather & Diamond playing

Heather is an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for K-3rd grade. With her job, Heather will have the summers off to play at the park and accompany our child to swimming lessons. Heather is planning to take time off when the baby arrives. Although she enjoys seeing the wonders of learning through her students she would like to be personally involved with her own child's life experiences as seen through their eyes. Charles works for the State of North Carolina at the Department of Corrections,
as a truck driver.

Charles is excited about creating lasting memories with our child such as, fishing at the pond that is behind our home, throwing the ball to Diamond the dog and taking bicycle rides in our neighborhood. Charles will also be able to take time off when the baby arrives. We both value education and will encourage our son or daughter the love of learning that we both feel will enable them to have an enriched, fulfilling life.

We would truly be blessed if given the opportunity to raise a child. We want to instill a sense of belonging so that our child will feel secure, loved and confident. We would love to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have about us.

Please call us toll-free at 1.866.266.6911, email us at, call the Independent Adoption Center at 1.800.877.OPEN, or use the email form to send us a message right now!

Charles fishing with his nephew,
Garrett at our pond

A Promise to Our Child

As a Parent,
As a Person and
As a Friend...

We are always here for you
When you need someone
To talk to
We hope you will
Laugh with us
We cherish and love
Everything about you --
Our beautiful child
And we will always support you
As a parent, as a person
And as a friend

Family and Friends

Charlie's family lives nearby, so we are able to see each other often, usually once a week Heather's family is spread out geographically but keeps in touch with each other weekly. We visit with each other at leapt iwo times a year. Through the use of technology our child will be able to develop a long lasting relationship with their grandparents. Both families are very excited about our decision to adopt and can't wait to welcome a child into the family!

Charlie's parents are telling friends of our new amval and also figuring out where to put the crib. Heather's mom is cross-stitching knick-knocks for the vuarsery and her dad is making the cradle We also have friends who have been adopted and have adopted children. They hove been very supportive of our decision to adopt. They have offered advice and babysitting services.

Diamond waiting for a playmate!


When we a not at work we have a very active life. We love to travel and are fortunate to have a time share that enables us to travel to some of our favorite spots, such as the Outer Banks in NC. We are very excited about building long lasting memories with our child like making sandcastles as well as walking along the beach looking for the perfect shell.

As part of our active life, we belong to a gym that offers many acti- vities for kids. We are looking forward to videotaping our child learning to swim, sheeting a basketball, hitting a tennis over the over the net, or becoming self-disciplined in tai-kwon-do. On the weekends we like to work in our yard. During the fall, it will be fun to join our child jumping in a pile of leaves that we just raked. In the spring, we will enjoy, along with our child, bringing color to our yard by planting flowers that were chosen together on our trip the local Lowe's.

We would love to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have about us. Please call us toll-free at 1.866.266.6911, email us at, call the Independent Adoption Center at 1.800.877.OPEN, or fill out the form below to send us a message right away.

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