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    The Vicker was born, and all things were good. The year was 1979, and it harkened us into a new era: the 80's. There was no Internet (at least for public use), no digital satellite systems, no XM radio (although we had AM), no Friends or Seinfeld... but we were happy.

    All we needed were Smurfs and Colecovisions (a.k.a. Ataris) to keep our spirits up. Once again things were good. Michael Jackson and Madonna were popular singers. The Beastie Boys and George Michaels were moving up the charts. Ok, so maybe things haven't really changed that much...

 A few things about me...

 All right, I admit it, I am a nerd. I do all the typical nerdish things; I watch Star Trek, read a lot, and study. I own the game Axis and Allies. I love a good game of Trivial Pursuit. I successfully completed the Rubik's Cube by the time I was five (without peeling any of the stickers off). The possibility of time travel enraptures me. My science fair projects (which I enjoyed doing) went above and beyond the requirements. 

    I have loved computers and computer-related issues since the age of four. That's when I first became cognizant that computers were an influential and necessary tool which would serve to forge a new reality in the 21st century, and generally make the world a better and more organized place to live. I am a 10 year member of Girl Scouts. Just the thought of a discussion about George Orwell's "1984", or Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" makes me weak at the knees. I think you get the point.

  But, Alas...

     There is another side of me other than the nerdish aspect of my personality. Actually, there are several sides (consider it like a three-dimensional polygon). I have very strong beliefs in the area of religion. I have a deep love of beauty and nature. I write poems and short stories. I love a good philosophical debate. I would do anything to help a person in need (especially a person in need of electronics).

    Some have called me a 'goody two shoes,' though I believe they are wrong because 'goody two shoes' tend to judge others and perceive themselves as better, which I try hard not to do. I think constantly about the meaning of life. I wonder what my role is, and what God has planned for me.

     I am strong willed, which I believe is a good and bad trait. I love to express my femininity. I am tall, curvaceous, strong, loving, fun, independent minded, and I love to say what is on my mind (if you're willing to listen). Like many females, I get 'gushy' at the idea of romance. I love to watch romantic comedies. I have very intense dreams. I set a new goal for myself daily, and check to see if I have realized them on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

    I have very loving, supportive parents, who would be willing to do anything for me not to be hurt. I believe in others. I have a deep, unrelenting passion to find out new things. The love of knowledge is the love of my life (other than God, of course.) Simply stated, I am me.

  Vicker's Life: The Prequel...

      By the time I was born, my family owned a computer. They also owned a video recorder, on which they taped the various emotions and stages of my mother's pregnancy with me, as well as the events of my childhood (I recently converted the tape to a DVD, so it may outlive me!). You may find these two factors normal, but, you have to understand that not many families had computers and video cameras back in 1979. The computer was a TRS-80. I learned my first programming language, BASIC, on it when I was four. I remember writing a program that played music and made my name infinitely scroll across the screen. I was enamored by it. Hey, I was only four! 

    When the day came to upgrade the computer from 4 Kbs to 8 Kbs, I was overjoyed!! "What program could there possibly be out there," I said to myself, "That would take up an entire 8 Kbs!" Ok, so I wasn't much of a forward thinker back then. Some of my best memories involve sitting in front of that computer for hours and hours.

    Naturally, when the TRS-80 'notebook' came out, my father bought two. I used mine to write stories and poems. It is completely obsolete from today's standpoint, but back then, it was cutting edge. You  finally had the ability to travel with your computer in hand!

    My father was very much into technology, and he influenced me greatly in my formative years. He owned one of the very first modems (the kind with two holes that you put the telephone receiver down into in order to transmit information), the first digital watch (he was very proud of this fact), and more computers and computer magazines (on disks, of course) by 1986.

  By the way, 1986 was the year that we bought the Amiga. What a wonderful system! It was so advanced for its time. It could do most anything, from 3D rendering to video editing. And the games!! They were like nothing I had ever seen before. Unfortunately, the Amiga saw an early demise because of an electrical storm. It didn't even have time to sing, "Daisy" before it knew what hit it. So then, we bought the latest model, with even more capabilities than the last. And so it goes......

   I am a recent graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where I received a BA in English, and a Business Foundations Certificate from the McCombs School of Business at UT. Currently, I own a home-built Pentium IV 3 GHz machine with 1.512 GB of RAM and 360 GB of hard drive space. For mobility, I own a Toshiba e335 Pocket PC with a 300 MHz XScale processor, 64 MB of RAM, an expandable 32 MB ROM drive, and a full color screen with all the trimmings.

 My College Life and Thereafter


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Find absolutely ANYTHING you could ever possibly want or need.

My newest venture...I had really great timing to open this dotcom in the height of the dot bomb. Anyway, it's a great place to shop for Home Decor, Gifts, and Accessories. Buy something, and help me to support my standard of living!

    Friends & Associates

The love of my life is Brandon! He's a sweetheart and a cutie-patootie with a heart of pure gold. Our anniversary is April 13th.


Amber is a friend whose kindness goes way, way back to the 3rd grade. She moved back to Houston a little over a year ago, after surprising me by moving to Austin to attend UT. She graduated in May 2003 with a degree in English from the University. Yay for Amber! Currently, she is in the teacher certification program. She is officially the nicest person I know.



I owe just about everything I've learned recently to this guy right here, Drew. His unselfish, giving attitude has been such a blessing to me, he always has an abundance of patience when working with me; I just can't say enough nice things about him. He has taken me under his wing and taught me so much. I am so grateful for his friendship.



Megan has been so much fun to work with, her personality just shines through everything she does. I'm looking forward to getting to know her even better in the near future.





Courtney! She is a wonderful free spirit; her enthusiasm and innate ability makes being around her so much fun. She has a dynamic personality and really gives everything she does her all!





Last but most certainly not least, this page would not be complete without the mention of Ashleigh! She's very fun to work with and is highly personable; she works well with people. She also makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing!


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