A Sufi - for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan        
A child lives inside me.
A boy lives insides me.
A man lives insides me.
A child lives insides me.
A girl lives insides me.
A woman lives insides me.
And I am dancing in circles
Bringing them all in one.
I wear sometimes flashy
Red garb, red lipstick,
Adorn my hair with sandoor
And jhoomer, my ears, nose
And neck with gold ornaments.
My palms and feet are painted with henna.
I cover myself with a red dupatta
Head to tow, waiting for Him to come
And unveil me.
Sometimes I walk around
Wearing torn clothes
Bare foot, disheaveled hair
Waiting for Him to come and bathe me.
Bathe me with His light
Wash me down with the water from fountain in Heaven
And take me to His home.
I am His bride.

Ifti Nasim