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Links Around the Web
General Links:
Messiah College Hompage--My school!
Internet Movie Database--Where you can find almost anything.
E-cards--Send one today.
Movie/TV Soundwav's--Spice up your desktop.
Ebay Online Auction--A great way to find that unusual gift.
Onelist Communities--Sign up for a mailing list about any topic imaginable.
Urban Legends Reference Page--Find out if that forward is true or not.
E.R.--Homepage for the number 1 dramatic series in America.
Celerity Words--Expand you vocabulary.
Yahoo!--A great place to search for topics.
Mp3's Unlimited--A place to download those latest hits.
Humor Archives--Links to great humor pages.
Hamster Dance--If you haven't seen it yet, please do!
The Editing Room--Abridged (and often hilarious) scripts for movies.
Vin Diesel Estrogen Brigade--Gotta love this hunk of a guy.
Sentinel Links:
Black Panther Productions--A virtual season five.
Faux Paws Productions--Another virtual season five.
Cascade Library--Fanfiction archive.
Guide Posts--Fanfiction archive.
Sentinel Gen Links--An extensive lists of fan pages for The Sentinel.
Night Owl's Nest--A wonderful resource site.
Sentinel E-Cards--When you care enough to send the very best.
The Zoo--Lots 'o great fanfiction.
Dead Fly Productions--You have to see it to get it.
If you have a site you'd like me to link to, please E-mail me with the URL.