Enterprise Fanfiction
My Fan Fiction:
"Two Settings"--A post-ep for 'Strange New World.' 10-11-01
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"Once Bitten"--One of Phlox's menagerie escapes.  12-01
"Catch Me When I Fall"--An earthquake leaves Archer and Tucker trapped in an ancient tomb...with time running out.
(experiment in POV) 2-7-02
"Internal Communication"--Post-ep for 'Broken Bow.'  Trip and T'Pol chat over 'email.'  8-01-02. Co-Authored with Marion Willett
"Alternity: The Warden" -- Enterprise/Buffy, the Vampire Slayer crossover.  The Scooby Gang is hurled into the future by a powerful amulet that leaves some Enterprise crewmembers stranded in Sunnydale.  With one hundred and fifty years separating them, both groups must find a way back home and discover the secret of The Warden.  A secret that will change the world of one Scooby forever.  9-08-02