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Blood of a Ruby
Crimson Incarnate
Fallen Leaf
Inferno of Desire
Lady of Dreams
Lighthouse of Darkness
Rains of Fury
Raven's Cry
Rose Garden
Rubid Storm
Transparent Lies
White Mountain
Wild Nature of Fury

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Welcome to ColdFire

This page is dedicated to the poetry written by WhiteKnight. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, and Henry David Thoreau, my writings hold a very deep sense of naturalism with morbid hints of darkness. Many of the poems relate to my previous experiences, while others come from the fantasy realm inside of my mind. I dearly hope that you enjoy my poems and please feel free to leave comments in my guestbook.

Special thanks to POETRY.COM for publishing "Lighthouse of Darkness" in Poetry's Elite - The Best Poets of 2000. Thank you for the honor to be part of such a great collection.
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Updated 31 May 2002

Understand I not, of the way the world exists and how fate decides to effect our individual lives. Yet we must continue on, lead upon our destined path, or that which we pave to follow.

To my friend of all friends, a person who was there at all times no matter how I may have acted or the words that I may have said; mom I will dearly miss you but I know that you will be watching over me. I will make you proud of me, and I will grow up to be the man that you had always wanted for me to be. May your new life be of wonderful joy and happiness, as I will do my utmost best to make sure you can gaze upon me from above and know that I will be fine. Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you have sacrificed for me. Love always and forever.

Yet another beautiful person stolen as many before. Misa I hope that you will shine down upon us the courage that you showed us through your life, and that beautiful smile that could turn the grayest sky blue. You will be missed. Warm memories and a friendship that I will never forget.

- WhiteKnight

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