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This page was last updated on 9-21-03. Not really much changed as far as sculptures. I finally got my swords hung up in a way that I like them, so I took pictures and posted them on the Sword page. Deleted the older pictures.

WANT TO BUY: I'm looking to buy any old Transformer toys in good condition. If you have any from Generation 1 up until Beast Wars or Beast Machines and you are willing to sell them, e-mail me. I pay good prices for good Transformers.

Artist Bio

My alias is Wolf Mage, or some of you may know me as White Mage. I have made a hobby of molding clay into anthromorphic figures, or furries. Each furry figure is hand sculpted, baked, and painted by me. The ideas for the figures come from many different places. Some of the figures are based off of characters I have used in Dungeons&Dragons games. A few of the other figures came from ideas I got from pictures seen on the net or in magazines. All the other figures are just ideas I thought of and wanted to see if I could make into a clay figure. I do requests or art trades if I like the idea and I have the time to work on it.

I use some different tools when making these figures. The only clay I use is Sculpey brand. I tried to use self-drying clay before, but I did not like how the clay was and they just ended up cracking on me when they were done drying. I use toothpicks or straight pins to make the details on the figures, details like eyes, nose, teeth, hair, and just about anything else that fingers are too big to detail. I use any type of ceramic paint, unless I don't like how the coverage is with the paint, then I look for a different brand.

I am thinking about doing commissions for anyone that wants me to make figures for them. The cost per normal size figure(6-8 inches tall) is going to be $10 a figure. Any larger figures or any shipments overseas will cost extra. If you want me to do a commission for you, just e-mail me with your idea and I will see if I can sculpt the figure for you.

I am also a collector of many different things. I like to collect swords and other weapons. There are a few pictures of my swords on the page, but those are just a small part of my collection. I also collect Anime videos. I now have over 300 anime DVD's, and over 100 vhs tapes. I have the complete collection of Dragonlance and Star Wars books, and I have recently completed the Forgotten Realms series of books.

If you have any problems with a picture loading, please e-mail me and tell me. Also if you find any other problems with the site, or just want to make a comment, please e-mail me. Thank you.

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