Welcome to the official page of my fake band The Taco Conspiracy. Using computer technology, I make sound collages full of weird noises for my (and hopefully sometimes your) amusement. This page is being put together by 35 monkeys with minimal-to-no html skill, so please be patient; at some point it will have more content and not look like crap.


2001: Christmasing Walmart

2002: 100% Recycled Compost

2003:I Love Lucifer (EP)

Coming sometime in 2005 (maybe): The long-awaited new Taco Conspiracy album Chinese Democracy!

Unreleased: Check here for the latest Taco Conspiracy mp3's.

More Of My Stuff:
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And, get ready for a new taste sensation: "side project" Quetzalcoatlus on purevolume! And also My Space! My quest to infiltrate all the internet with my crappy homemade music continues!

If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd like a free homemade copy of any of my releases, please email me.. You can also get them off me on soulseek, my username is destroyalltacos. Thank you. 1