Jail House Tats
Welcome to our site...
The only site with custom design flash created by inmates of The C.D.C.
     Our artist have over 60 years of combined experience designing tattoo flash and Art of all types.  If you can describe it, we can draw it.
        We have several artist that specialize in all types of designs.      We have patterns for both men & women and a  Large selection in stock to choose from.
     Our artist can tattoo on almost anything . insulated travel mugs,  Cups, sunglasses, even special occaision cards.
   We can also turn a wallet size picture in to a hand drawn wall portrait.  Makes great gifts for family & friends.
     We have photos of our gift selections.
      All orders will be answered.
Remember we're just starting our site so ALL comments are welcome.
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                 Just to name a few...
Contact our artist direct:
1. Bernard C. Hughes D-22473
      P.O.Box  7500     A1-208
      Crescent City, Ca 95531-7500

Ricky W. James C-90663
      P.O.Box 3481  4B3R-18
      Corcoran, Ca  93212

Mark McAbier  J-61712
      P.O.Box  7500  A1-208
      Crescent City, Ca 95531-7500

John Bengar  C-61476
       P.O.Box  5246   C-8210
       Corcoran, Ca 93212
**Unforseen  shipping delays may occur & are beyond our control. 
** Design & shipping  takes up to 4-8 weeks.
  Poratiats may be longer.
** Money orders only. Payment in full before shipping.

**Refer a customer & receive $5.00 off next order.
** Remember, we're just startin' out so all comments are welcome.

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