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Welcome to my world of pets. Since I can remember we've always had some animal in the house, anywhere from dogs to guinea pigs to pet roaches.
This web page is about the pets I have now and the pets I've had in the past that didn't come with much information. Hopefully this page will help some of you out who are wondering things like "What should I feed my water dog?" and those of you thinking "What is a water dog?"
You'll also find links to other informational websites, comedy about pet ownership & pages to get supplies for your pets. Feel free to click on any link that will take you outside this website (especially those that help support this website like the PetsMart ads at the top ;)
Recently Added: This site is no longer just about pets. I've added a "gallery" of pictures I've taken and edited. Some pictures include me and/or my boyfriend, my garden, etc.

Coming Soon: I hope to add an animal webcam of possibly my ferrets. Also plan to make an 'About The Owner'.
Clip art by: Bob Nixon

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