HopE yOu liKE my TiGhT ASS siTe. it

Was fUn maKinG... But i JusS waNNa

Ay i LoVe CorRiNa, KaYla, LoRi,

JenNA poO, KeLLy KeLL, PeaRL and

MaDelinE not to meNtioN bRiTt ( which

E my HoMe guRLs)..  and TaY TaY

., ScoTT, ALex, RoBin,ChRis, ReiCe

LyNN (which ArE my HoMe BoiS).. i

M oUt Yo...

To my Kamicrackers- i miss you all so much! You Dont even know! plz dont forget about me!! cause i know in my heart that i will not forget any of you...

p.s... i might go to Kamiak next year!
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Cor... its supposed to be pink not purple.. and it takes to long to change..
In Junior Year i be Drivin up to Kamiak or Mariner in my Navy Blue
My s/n for AIM if ya wanna know is xOxCassiexOx 06
Edday is my Mainer Friend. So is Pearl, Jess, Britt, Calvin, Brent, Travis, Denis, Joey, Lee, Sarah, Adam, Erik, Robbie, David, Leon, Micheal, Tony, Brandon, Christa, Andrea, Adriana, Bree-anne, Chris, Wayne, Spencer, Jerrel, Taylor, NATE, Rico, Trevor, Cristine, Jeremey, Jenell, and thats about it yo... but they r hella cool and i love them!
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