And so we come to the end... of a long, exciting and
frequently fucking annoying time at KFC. We have moved
on to bigger and better things... (one of us in particular ;)
but this isnt really the time nor the place for that...) whilst the
rest of the workers contimue to pour their sweat, blood and
tears into this unrewarding, uncompromisng, generally crappy
and unfulfilling enterprise. Although the people haven't been
able to move on,, the building finally has,.. shedding its old
skin... and preparing itself for a rebirth...windows pulled down...
toilets adapted to accomadate our local druggies...but some things will never change... vianney will continue to be a bastard... poor unwitting teens will find themselves enchained by this giant unforgiving corporation which will chew you up and spit you out... friendless and alone...

However for those of us who have been lucky to escape in the nick of time, our pride and dignity mostly intact and relatively unscarred from our experiences.. we can look back upon kfcs fonder memories..the wicked witch...the nigel effect...all enshrined within this delightful website...and we can hold our heads high as we walk proudly out of kfc, as visitors, guests...the doors (now automatic) swing aside to allow once KFC Royalty to pass through, safe and content in the knowledge that they will not return hope to a phone call from Frank asking them to work close that night...happy knowing that whilst KFC provided many an amusing and good memory...that's all it is now.. a memory...not a life.
But the new renovations were short-lived as last night the soul of the store hearing our cry opened its automatic doors and allowed our bomb to sail into the  black chasm of darkness..the centre of evil and corruption.. and it knew it was time... time to give itself up to the forces of good and repent for all its sins, its a little too late but we are forgiving, all encompassing creatures of the light, prepared to fight for what is good and just in our world.. to create a better life for our kids... and our kids kids...although..seriously...we must leave a few stores open..for what could be better than a fillet combo?