Ok.... I promise I'll update sometime. These pictures are sooo old.

This site isn't much since it's just a place i store some pictures. If I wanted, it could be better.. really! :D

Kelly, I love you.

About Me
My Mental State!
My Mp3 list
The Most Recent Pic of Me Available
Instant Message I had with Scott
Instant Message I had with Kelly
Kickass website from a real kickass friend! GO EMILY!

Recent one of Me!
Me and the Car || Me and the Car again || Me Me... again || At St. Augustine with some gals || Group Picture at St. Augustine || Me and Jeremy Scott
Me and Jessica Kangeter || On the bus there || Junior Prom with Jessica Cole || Me and Michael Chavis's booties at Prom! || Me and Denise(She's the one making the mouth)
A pic of me and my friend, Cymone at prom||Jessica C. making a smoochie face


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