White Trash littul darlin'
Yore doin it agin,
I jest come home frum werkin'
('Cauze this here ain't my livin')

Surfin' on the 'puter,
I seen yer last ree-ply
Punchin' up the forum,
Thought I'uz gunna die,

Laffed so hard the Bud-lite,
Dun come out thru my noze,
Wouldn't a bin so bad 'cept,
Got me a snotty cold,

Neerly lost the 'puter,
In the terlit bowl agin,
When I buhkuld at the neez,
It took a littul swim,

Don't worry bowt my inards,
My spleen gave up the ghost,
Jest up and bought the farm,
When I red yer littul post,

Yer rite to thank that we'unz
Is kindrid spearuts too,
We both uze those 'ol Sa-iz,
To skeeuwer our bar-b-que,

So in honer ov this momint
I'd like to mak'er toast
You raiz yer RC Coler
'Cuz... well... my Bud-lite's in my noze

"Cheerz to 'cuzzin White Trash,"
"The pride oh Xeener Bluff,"
"One reedin' ov her reevyoos,"
"Will never be enuff."