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These are some of the things I do: Stone Carving, Mosiacs, Fiber Sculpture, Traditional and Contemporary Beadwork. Very Intricate Detailed Macrame Jewelry

I create only One-Of-A-Kind Art Pieces! Just great fun!

This piece of stone I carved. The name of this piece is


I Have Entered The Realm Of Genealogy To Honor My Ancestors


I was raised to believe that we are all related!

I Welcome You Here All My Relations!

Come and share with all who walk on the path of the ancestors.

For the paths of our ancestors have not grown cold!

To Our Lakota Friends: "Hau Toniktuka hwo & Hau Toniktuka he!"

To Our Choctaw Friends:


To Our Senegalese Friends, "Nungah Diff!"

So many wonderful people have given their time, money and energy in the research of genealogy!

You have opened doors that held secrets to the paths we needed to reach our ancestors. You erased the fiction and graced us with facts!

You've added more hope to our searching. You've made our journey so much easier. Know Forever Our Prayers Are With You.

We Stand, Applaud And Thank You!

My Hobbies: Genealogy, Art, Collecting, Recipes, Music, Reading, Traveling

E-mail me at in the meantime.

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I have the Surnames I am researching and names or information for other peoples families! There are also old photographs! Maybe someone is your relative!! If you know any of the people in the photographs send an e-mail and let us know!

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