Well I got my own little radio-station running on my Computer... it is nothing professional or something like that, it is more "just4fun. The music that I'm currently playing you can see in the upper image, when you click on it, you automatically tune in, your winamp player will start automatically and will tune in to the live broadcast.

I have also got a played- list (it containts the 20 last tracks I've played. The kind of music I play is kinda various, I've got many mp3's devided in many subfolders. If you have a preference of what music you wish to hear you can browse my mp3-collection and choose a style and or title by emailing me, or thru MSN Messenger under username

P.S All is still in a trial stage, ideas, suggestions, etc. you can put in my forum, or in my mail (not gonna link that one again lolz)