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June 29th Sorry guys for the lack of update!We will restart the second round of the tornament. I will email u guys the time and i will put it on the tornament page an this page. Thats it for now.

Apr.11 Just a reminder that tomorow starts the tornament i will send u each another email. And for u people that r going to join i have added 2 new digimon
Ryudamon and Dorumon have fun!!

Mar. 15 Hi i have just started a fourm for this rpg i should finish it in a couple of daysso everyone lets join it and start the fun!!

FEB. 24 hi  i just added a new link
www.oocities.com/sanityhacker and i have added a couple more members
Tamers ___________
Digimon Picks, Shops and Crests
Battle Arena
Digimon Attacks

i will like to thank  digimon empire for some pics they have let me use!
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